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Porous and dry hair presents a high degree of malnutrition and requires an extra supply of nutrient substances to make it easy to comb and recover its softness and structure.

HOT OIL PAPAYA CREAM has been specially formulated to cover this need. It does not require extended exposure time, and does not leave hair residue.

Papaya Hot Oil cream is a treatment for dry, brittle and damaged hair. Made from all natural ingredients and free from any artificial contents.
  • Maintains natural shine and softness of hair.
  • Allows hair to grow longer
  • Stops dandruff.
  • Further reconstructs hair strength
  • Relaxes the hair.

Papaya Shampoo

Natures way of caring for your hair


Contains natural papainenzyme recommended for use on normal and greasy hair.

The papaya extract helps in regenerating and firming of hair making it stronger and fuller


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