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Closes pores of the skin. Lemon extract has the quality of an astringent that smoothes the skin. The extra glycerine in the soap retains moisture to keep the skin soft and smooth. Lemon is refreshing, cleansing and toning and gently removes dead skin cells to brighten the complexion. Regular use nourishes the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

One of our personal favorites! Clean and refreshing, a good choice for all skin types Has rejuvenation qualities and will help your skin stay fresh & young looking





SULFUR SOAP Natural sulfur powder is said to be best for treatment and maintenance of dermatitis. Working very similarly to Tar Oil, sulfur powder is a keratolytic, fungicidal and germicidal agent. It is an antiseptic which acts as anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial for fast healing of skin diseases. Unlike Tar Oil which is recommended mostly for hair and scalp skin diseases, sulfur containing cosmetic soaps are best for facial and body application



TEA TREE SOAP In Australia, neat tea oil has been used for over 50 years as a treatment for pimples. For many people, frequent application of a drop of pure oil has proved to be the fastest and most effective means of curing unsightly pimples. However, a small number of people are unable to tolerate the use of neat tea tree oil. That is why, the pure oil is incorporated in a hypoallergenic glycerine bar. Tea Tree oil is can be used on sensitive skin.






Carotene and lycopene are the pigments in carrots. The predominant carbohydrate is fructose.

After application, the skin is rehydrated, toned and becomes more elastic. Immediately, the skin becomes firmer, and refreshed








Oat bran is used for washing very sensitive skin and is used to lighten dark skin. The fine oatmeal in the soap is used to improve the circulation and help "flush out" trapped waste. The physical FRICTION helps shed dead surface cells so the skin can "breathe". May safely be used on the face for an extra deep cleanse.





TRANSPARENT SOAP The use of ordinary bath soap on the face has been described by dermatologist as mistaken, as the pH of the skin does not match the pH of the soap (the skin's pH is acidic). This clear, transparent soap with its low pH is ideal for the face. Further, the soap is 100% rinsable making sure that after using the soap, there are no left-over soap chemicals on the face. Regular bath soap is only 60% rinsable and for this reason a thin layer of film is left on the face making it hard for the skin to "breathe".







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