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Slimming property of seaweed has been known
for over 400 years in China

Made from China's deep sea seaweed and consists of pure natural plant extracts. It is nourishing to the skin and has a strong deflating effect. Keeps tone while tightening the skin. The soap is suitable even for face washing and bathing and regular use of the slimming set is nourishing to your body and skin.

The seaweed extracts penetrate the skin to assist in the elimination of fat layers. Keeps skin tight and soft.

The set contains the purest element of seaweed and it will readily permeate the skin thereby cleansing the dirt out of capillary holes of the skin. It can discharge the underskin fat out of the body by stimulating metabolism in the lymphatic system and improving blood circulation, working as an astringent on the skin and thus making it more supple and delicate.

.In body care, seaweed is often used for slimming or firming the skin.
It is used to firm up the contours and to fight cellulite

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